Kitty Scarf at 50% Capacity :D



Yech- this thing is taking a lot of yarn. I’m going to need to grab another pack of Grey Heather for the hood. It’s sitting at three feet, so I know what to expect from the new pack. It’ll be okay if the hood is a little…grayer or whatnot. I’ll be proud to see project done. I had a bit of a hiccup with starting a new ball, but I eventually made it work. :3

I bought some lovely Burgundy yarn to make a hat with. Or maybe gloves I haven’t decided yet. My Angel Banishment Sigil is still a WIP, I haven’t done anything on it for about a week, because knitting. And Curiosity with Loom Knitting, which I want to try, by the way. I’m thinking of going to buy a loom this afternoon. :3

My candle stuff is on hold, regrettably. I don’t have the money to go buy lots of pretty tea cups and junk for the candle. Oh- I think I want to make a cowl with my pretty-pretty peacock yarn. Or at least, one of them, since I was a smarty and bought two. :3

My flute is currently en route from Macon Georgia, so I should have it in a couple of days, and I can’t express my happiness about that. I guess that’s about it, for now. I’m going to get cracking on my homework.

Happy Thanksgiving guys!


Kitty scarf update! Woot woot!



I’ve been knitting just about nonstop today and my ball of yarn is almost decimated and if I had to guess, it might be closer to like 2 feet and maybe 8 inches. I don’t know where my tiny tape measure is, and I have no ruler. So, guess work. yay! But, yes. That is what I have done so far, and I’m fairly proud. But also kind of convinced that I’ll need to go to out and buy another pack of yarn.

I bought “The beaders bible” to be able to learn more about beading with in depth instructions and help. I keep thinking I should eventually take on easy projects and move up and opposed to doing what I do best and grabbing the hardest project I think I can do.

I still want things to put candles in, but I don’t have money. Luckily I’m off work tomorrow, but I guess I’ll spend the day in again and finish up this ball of yarn and eagerly await my flute [December 3 or earlier]. I still need to finish my Cross Stitch and start my Goddess Embroidery. But, ehhhhh so many plans and projects and, my god.

Well, that’s about it. I would show you my pathetic ball of yarn that I’m slowly encompassing into the ever increasing length of of my scarf, but that’s for another time. And maybe I can show you tomorrow that my scarf ate up all the yarn. :3

Pinterest Round up Seven :D

Pinterest roundup seven

First up is this adorable Crochet Headband; I would love to make this or maybe just make the flower and add it to other projects. Either way, this is super cute.

Next, This really well done zipper pouch tutorial; Aside from being a well done zipper pouch tutorial, it’s also a fairly easy to follow Zipper tutorial. Though she doesn’t go into what to do if your zipper’s too long and you need to cut it and then lock the end [or whatever]. All in all, the project is really cute.

An absolutely gorgeous Shawl [crochet]; Really. Just look at that thing. It’s so pretty and dainty and I think I want to make one for myself. The pattern itself is on Ravelry, but I believe it downloads in a compact PDF file and won’t take much space.

A really cute crochet slouch hat; I’ve been aching for a slouch hat, this may be the one I make. It throws me off a little, since the slouch is so pronounced, but my hair’s really thick I think I could counter act that.

A GORGEOUS Mobius Wrap [Crochet]; Wow. This is really cute. I was wondering what to do with that yarn I won in that giveaway, I think I found my answer. I love mobius wraps but I never made one, looks like it’s time to change that.

Kitty Knit Scarf Update omg



This beast is now over two feet long, my ditching the row counter really increased my productivity. Just because I don’t need to break my rhythm to unlock a screen or something. I don’t know what row I’m on, but the whole -over two feet- thing is really making me happy. The ball of yarn is on it’s last legs. Might take another two days to complete this ball. I’m really not sure how to add a new ball of yarn to a knit project, no better time like the present to learn.

Also, new hobby alert. This one, not crafty, but musical in nature. I bought a flute. A used/refurbished Hisonic off of Ebay for 60 bucks. Something tells me I’ll be renting a better flute from Montgomery in a few months. Apparently the one I chose, based on 23 positive reviews and about 20 various lower ones, has a likelihood to just up and stop being functional around 3 months. A few of the 5 star reviews said they’d had it for a year and it was still fantastic. But, whatever the case, I bought this particular one to learn on. It’s a beginner flute, and though I’ve been interested in learning the flute my whole life, I too, am a beginner. And for 60 dollars, it’s not a bad deal. Even if it dies after a couple of months. By then I’ll know if I want to stick with it, and by then I can just run to Montgomery, slap down 30 bucks or so and begin a long relationship with a badass flute that will last me forever. Renting to own is awesome, kiddies. Even if it ends up costing more in the long run :/.

I made one clay bezel today…and…eh. Eh to the greatest degree. I guess I get to start the hunt for glue on bezels or try something else. I got this, though. I’ll think of something, like I always do. :3

I think that’s about all that’s important right now. Not really sure what else I’ve been working on, if anything, I’m kind of out of it. I need to make myself some mittens or something. My Florida Girl Genetics are so bad for the cold weather we’re having [and it’s only Alabama cold, too!]. Tomorrow, depending how I feel about my gas tank, I may go to town and look in the local thrift shops for candle containers and get a jump on my newest interest. :3

Five. Five dollah. Five dollar five foot 8 inches

  For one, my dyes got here and my wick for candle making. For two, I’ve managed to ditch the row counter for this project. I can now successfully differentiate Purls from Knits and know how to start my row. Partial thanks for the Stitch N Bitch Knitters Handbook and partial thanks to simply the repetition of the pattern itself. 

  So, my kitty scarf is now nearly two feet long. Now that I don’t need the row counter, it goes much faster because I don’t have to interrupt my rhythm to hit the spacebar, or unlock my screen and add a row to my phone. Yech. Making progress and it’s awesome. I’ll post pictures tomorrow, probably. I need to make the Bezels for my resin pendants, and find containers for my candles. Most likely, tomorrow’s pictures will include my Scarf, and the bezels along with Super promotion for my shop. Because I love Store Envy. :3

I’m getting quicker with my knitting, so maybe this will be a success. Because, you know, I’m not going to accept this project going any other way. dammit. I’m going to wear this on Christmas come hell or high water. Oh, also.

 Real quick. I ended up changing my Personal blog to Poetry and it’s now titled as Wynn Writes [because, yes, I’m deeply unoriginal and I like my sites to be connected].

Knitting Update +Shop [And such]

Just a quickie update on the knitting progress [row 120!], a crochet idea. Me flaunting my Peacock Yarn that I want to use, but don’t want to waste. Also, my candle wax arrived, but I’m waiting for my Dye and I need to hunt down Oils and such to scent them. [not to mention containers for candles]. Also, movement on my Resin pendants. :3

Fibonacci Scarf

Fibonacci Scarf

 I just really wanted to share this scarf with you guys. I can see this being a crochet scarf, as well. She never does mention what size needle she used. Most likely when I make it, i’ll do it with size 8 36″ Circulars since none of my [few] straight needles will rightly suffice. 😀