Biweekly Update; Sir Yarns A Lot is hungry

I did more work on this friggin’ HUGE scarf, and it’s going to require more yarn. I finished the third blue block and I’m about to start the third purple. With seven rows of each each block is substantial. I’m rather certain it’s going to be sold once it’s complete. I’m considering [vaguely, mind you] making it into a cowl. To save myself money on yarn and time on my next project, a smaller/thinner scarf for myself in blue, silver and purple, perfect for the coming winter. Or, I’ll make an Autumn Leaves scarf, with an openwork stitch and some sort of super soft OR thin yarn/thread. Or, mildly cozy yarn.

I’m unsure. Tomorrow, I plan on getting the last 10 pages of reading done for this week so I can start the next set of pages and projects on Monday. I would like to do a brief experiment with my mold and my ice resin. Might go grab a leaf or something and encase it in resin. Might attach a headpin bent at 90 degrees and make it into a loop afterward.

Just really a thought at this point, we’ll see what my laziness will allow me to do tomorrow. I really would like to play with resin, or perhaps Polymer. Maybe both? I’m not sure what I want. But, I will say that there will [probably] be an experiment at some point tomorrow.


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