Pinterest Roundup Four


  1. Rainbow Loom Firecracker Bracelet; I’ve seen this new trend shoot up from nothing to being all over pinterest. I gotta say, I’m curious about it. Using those teeny rubberbands that the kids used to use as ‘braces’ in elementary school to jewelry. What? Not sure if I would wear anything made like this, but it does look neat.

  2. Sew Comfy Wrist Warmers; These are cute and look pretty easy. Just in time to prep for the coming Winter :DD

  3. Garter Slipped Knit Scarf; Wow. I really want to make this. It’s super cute and it looks like a good use for variegated yarn. 

  4. Fingerless Mitten Gloves [Crochet]; I’ve wanted to learn this for a while. I like the basic fingerless gloves with crochet, but they’re not really as rewarding as I think these Mitten gloves would be.

  5. Knitted Ear Warmer; This is super cute and the blogger has such an adorable writing style. This may be how I break the ice with Knitting again since Crochet doesn’t have the elasticity that I’m after.


   Here you go guys, I’m not sure if it’s on time or late, or early, but oh well. Here’s another roundup of the cool stuff I find on Pinterest. I tried to stick with seasonal things, like stuff to keep you nice and toasty, but that rainbow loom stuff in interesting. I dunno, I thought someone might be able to put it to use. I may even hop into the craze. 


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