Biweekly Update + Resin play!

As promised, I made a resin pendant. Well, prepped a resin pendant. The idea behind it is to carry a bit of summer with me. If this works well, I’ll make a fall one and actually put a background. This is mainly a test. [of my patience, and this mold I’m using, that has really mixed reviews.

The knitting is going….weird. See that? The ribs are weird and mismatched. In my defense, I’m a super beginning with Knitting and I’m by no means  terribly worried about little mistakes. I’ll keep the weird ribs there to learn from and remember. Somehow, I keep miscounting stitches and I have no idea what’s happening.

The scarf, I’m three rows into the third purple and my thought is now that I’m going to need more yarn. So I may stitch it together for an infinity scarf, or add a button for a cowl or something. Either way, I don’t really want to go buy MORE yarn for this beast. I MIGHT have enough yarn for the rest of this current block, and the next blue one. I’m intent on ending this scarf with a blue block.

Back to the resin, I want to touch it. But I don’t want to leave a fingerprint. I guess I’ll poke it with  stick tomorrow to see how hard it is. Also, this may seem foolhardy and arrogant, but bending the headpin to 90 degrees wasn’t too hard, so I’m now thinking about wire shaping as not being too hard. Not like, super intricate things, but simplistic little wire things.

So that’s today. I still need to do my 10 pages of reading, but I have time. :3

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