Rolling in the round [Biweekly Update]

Last night I learned how to knit on DPNs and it’s probably the most annoying thing ever; but it’s not hard. I mean, it’s weird and awkward; but not hard Per Se. I was planning on making gloves but I figured I’d learn the basics and figure the mechanics out first. I JUST learned how to bind off, so I finished a bangle sized swatch [I guess] and bound it off and it’s cool looking. Too big for my small, skeletal wrists, but I learned something new.

Also, my resin pendant. The leaf one, I’m beginning to suspect that enough hardener didn’t make it in. Which sucks. But oh well. My Horned God Pendant has a finger print. The back of it, somehow, had gotten some of the over flow resin stuck to it. Me, in all of my finesse and wisdom, decided “hey! I’m gonna pick this up and scratch the resin from the back.” BAM! Fingerprint. Imagine my despair. Oh well. I guess. It was a first experiment, so I guess it’s only natural that I botch it a little. I figured I have to put the pendants and such in front of the heater to cure. Which is cool, I guess.

So, my complete unhappiness with this friggin scarf has me procrastinating. Since I DID manage to pump out multiple things this Biweekly Period, I’ll call this a success.

  1. I learned a new hobby [and have made like 8 bracelets with it]
  2. I made two Resin pendants [quotey fingers]
  3. I finished my Knit headband
  4. I learned how to bind off
  5. I figured out how to maneuver DPNs

I mean really. I think I’m just bored with Crochet. I’m hungry for a challenge. A real challenge. Not something that I don’t know yet, like that beading challenge that I was totally unprepared for, but something that uses a skill I possess to make something just a smidgen above my current level. I think, dear readers, that I’ll begin an attempt on the kitty cat Hood Scarf…I may have to grab the yarn Monday or Tuesday, which ever day I get coffee with my new found [and much needed] friend.

I’m also going to attempt to make Floral candle holders for my…well, candles. This will be a possible side project, which I’ll start attempting possibly tomorrow, depending how bad I want to knit this Kitty Hood.

Also, I’m going to try to make another leaf pendant using my EnviroTech Resin [which I’ll actually have to mix. oh no!].


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