Kitty Hooded Scarf Progress

  I’ve started this thing like 5 times and unraveled. it as many times, I keep screwing up on the K2, P2 (followed by P2, K2 row) and forgetting which I’m on. The last unravel was a K2, P2 row and I ended it on a K2 so I know I screwed up somewhere in that row. I unraveled in a fit of annoyance, I’m not giving up. I like the ribbed pattern and I want it.

  I’m probably going to extend this to a month long endeavor. Meaning I’ll have it done before, or around December 9th. Rest assured I’m not trying to be lazy, this project has a 60 inch scarf, a hood [made of two parts] and two pockets. More components. Not to mention it’s knitting, which I’m none too fast with.Tomorrow you’ll get a picture of what I’ve managed to not unravel. 😀

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