Kitty Scarf project day two


I’m a bit heartbroken. I got up to row 12 earlier, but I found that instead of a nice and consistent 42 stitches, my rows had graduated to 45 stitches. In my annoyance, and inability to figure out WHERE I messed up, I unraveled and surrendered until I returned home from a birthday party. I read some of the Stitch N Bitch handbook, which I got on my tablet and decided to try again. I got two rows in this evening before bed, and downloaded a stitch counter. So who knows, this may be a time i don’t have to unravel. Then again, I do have to do consistent stitches for 60 inches. But this shows that I’m trying. And, people, i’m trying really hard. I’ll hopefully get up to row 20 or more tomorrow [gasp!]. I hope.

2 thoughts on “Kitty Scarf project day two

  1. Nooo. It sucks this thing is giving you so much trouble. I’m horrible at counting things so I know this would be practically impossible for me. I really wanna see the finished product though. Maybe you’ll have better luck from here on out.

    • I actually did have some fair luck, I seem to have gotten the pattern down and the rhythm. I’d wager that counting stitches after every row helps a bit. As simple as the rib stitch pattern sounds, it’s kind of a pain. But I think I got it now, so maybe I’ll have an upswing of luck and not have to rage over it. Yesterday I was approximately 1247% done with it. It was so frustrating. xD

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