kitty scoodie day three progress


A row counter I installed turned out to about the best thing I’ve ever gotten on my tablet. So long as I remember that Odd rows are K2, P2 and even rows are P2, K2, I’ll be okay. I made note of that tiny fact in my counter, so I should be good. I actually DID get up to row twenty. Didn’t unravel it at all today, thankfully. I think I’ve got it down. I count my stitches every row and I’m not dropping stitches or adding new ones mysteriously. It’s been an on again off again thing today, really. I don’t like to continuously knit things, or crochet things….I like to give my hands a rest. But it’s cool. I’ve got possibly two inches? One and a half? Only like 59 more inches to go. Omg. Not to mention, guys, that the last day of this project is the day before my final exams. Christ. I planned this poorly.
I’m slightly worried now….Oh well, I suppose. I’ll be okay. I hope. But here it is. My kitty scarf on day three and I actually made a few tentative steps forward

6 thoughts on “kitty scoodie day three progress

    • It was so slow in coming, but I’m so proud that I even got this far XD

      The only thing I’ve ever knitted was a headband so this is gonna be a huge accomplishment when I finish.:D

    • Oh, it just a simple Application you can get on your phone or tablet. I use a basic one called “knitting row counter”. I found one online for a computer that seems promising, if you’re like me and knit and such in front of the computer. 😀 ->This one is awesome. You just hit the spacebar after each row. Super nifty. 😀

      • Oh yeah, it does a lot to help sanity-wise. I got it because I’ve been tearing back my knitting because my rib stitch was off and I never knew which row I messed up in. Finally, after 12 hours of knitting and nothing to show for it, I got desperate.

        And row counters HELP SO MUCH. I can’t believe how much it helps. Hopefully it’ll be as useful and destressing for you as it is on my end 😀

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