Kitty Scarf Day four progress!


I completed 10 more rows for a total of 30 rows. It’s probably about 4 or 5 inches now. far cry from the required 60, but at the VERY LEAST, it’s super smooth sailing now. Instead of chanting “Knit one, knit two. Purl one, purl two.” to myself repeatedly for every row, I only have to count the stitches at the end to see that I’m on track. I’m getting it, my yarn holding is shoddy and I’m knitting So much looser than I like to, but, I had to do that to make purling not such a huge pain. I’ll most likely complete between 10 and 20 rows tomorrow, either before or during work. This project is looing a fair amount more doable than it looked a couple of days ago.

On another note, I broke out the modpodge today, or, the modpodge I made. It works [I believe] as it should. My stamp…rubber sheet thing came today, I intend to institute a few ideas…I just have no idea how at this point. My V tool is on the way and my Exacto knife blade keeps popping out. So…Also I’m a bit wary of the exacto blade because I sliced my finger open with it a day or so ago [no stitches, just a lot of blood]. Perhaps a tissue blade can aid me in splitting the sheet in half to double the usable stamp rubber… My tiny engraver doesn’t really help with stamp making, so I guess I have to rely on blades and the like. Ouch and ew.

I ordered 600 more bands for my rainbow loom, and they should be here tomorrow…Which I’m excited for. Because I like the bright colors and such. Also, I just had a thought, I wonder if I should make this in bulkier yarn later on the road? Perhaps I could sell some on my shop and market them for colder climates…Hm.

My shop is terribly neglected so I’m brainstorming. xD

2 thoughts on “Kitty Scarf Day four progress!

    • Me too, trust me. I’m just going to be so excited when I have a cute kitty hat/scarf to wear during the length of winter. I’m safely in fall now, I think so I have time. 😀

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