Day Nine Progress and victory dance :3

Tonight, I completed up to row 71. I’m aiming to get to 90 tomorrow, so there’s some hope. I notice there’s a couple of times and places where I randomly decided to knit super tight, but it’s not too noticeable, thankfully. I’m feeling confident with this project, though it’s time consuming I’m super confident.

Also, I’m brimming with happiness over my resin charms up there. My lucky penny pendant charms came out well, there’s one with a bit of a  fall leaf in it that I decided to keep for some reason, I’ll make another one to replace it and keep the imperfect one for me. I’m considering making Polymer clay bezels for them and covering the inside with scrapbook paper so my [boring] pendants have backgrounds that aren’t monochrome. I’ll be adding these to the shop shortly, within the next week most likely.

I have ideas, and I sketched my Goddess idea onto Aida 11 count fabric and it wouldn’t look right. So, I’m going to do it in embroidery and sketch it tomorrow. I’m also going to put some small drawstring bags on my shop tomorrow, possibly.

I got my Dog tags for stamping yesterday, but I still don’t have a steel block for stamping. But, for actual stamping [with rubber stamps] my Lino tools should be here tomorrow, and I want to make really intricate flower designs and stamp a fairly large piece of clay and then split it into different charms. I’ve seen it on the internet and I’m curious.

I’ll cut this off here. 😀


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