kitty scarf progress day eight


Got to row 64 today, I skimped a bit today in lieu of spending time with my better half. But it’s coming along. It looks about 10 inches…..ish. Knitting is slow. But I’m getting a bit faster with it. Still slow, though. Luckily I picked some yarn that doesn’t make my hands feel weird. :3

OH! I made resin! It dried. I am about the happiest thing in the world right now. My actual Envirotech Resin stuff that I mixed worked. I have some molds done and I need bales…So I can make them into pendants…. But I’ll get it, I’m sure. Right now, I almost certain I screwed up on them…But it’ll be okay. You have to learn somehow. All of my rubberbands are here and I’ll probably play with my loom tomorrow :3

As for my Resin stuff, I made a couple of ‘lucky penny” resin pendants. Basically, super shiny new pennies in Resin. Viola. But, I think I messed up, because I realized  I should have oriented them differently, as they are, I think the backs aren’t flat enough to glue a bale to it. On second thought, I should have used my Bezels. Oh well, I guess.

You may be seeing some sketches at some point. I talked myself out of buying a thin chain for Jewelry because I couldn’t tell myself for sure what I wanted it for. I have a vague idea, but I don’t actually KNOW. So there’s that. But I think for the most part, I’m trying to narrow my hobbies down and figure out WHAT I want to do. I like Jewelry design, but SIMPLE jewelry design. Ya feel me? I enjoy bezels and backgrounds and resins, but when it comes to intricate designs and whatnot….Not so much. I think I’ll keep my Jewelry lust at a minimum and do simple stuff. After all, I really have so much that I do. For the most part, I know I quite like Cross Stitch/Embroidery and the like. Needle crafts, yarn stuff and sewing. I think though I’ll stick to experiments with clay and plants and see what kind of jewelry and such I can make. However, I know I want to learn Wireworking :3

I’m at this really, really doubting place in my path. I don’t know what I want, which leaks into my crafting. I’ll get it though. Sorry to ramble! 😀


2 thoughts on “kitty scarf progress day eight

    • Oh yeah, it’s so super slow. But it does get a bit faster once you get your rhythm down. I can do 40 stitches fairly speedily [I haven’t timed it though]. It definitely gets quicker, though. 😀

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