It’s that time again! Pinterest roundup :D


Candle Making; So, my newest future hobby is candle making, and by that, I mean I have everything ordered and on the way. I don’t have my scented oils because I want to find some I like from shops. It’s really not that hard, lookie. :3

Intricate Dream Catcher Weaving; Dream Catchers look so hard, don’t they? Hopefully this will clear it up for you. I’m definitely going to have to try this. 

Resin Pendant!; A fairly nice tutorial for a Resin pendants. They’re likewise, not that difficult. Though the end result is striking.

Thick and Thin Cowl [KNIT]; A really cute knit pattern I wanted to share with you. I really want to make this.

Knitted swatch wall art; I quite like this idea as a way to display swatches and test patterns. Would be lovely in a craft room. :3

Rainbow Loom Patterns; I’m kind of enamored with the Rainbow Loom patterns. They look pretty cool and are fairly challenging. So they represent the things I like; pretty stuff and a challenge. :3


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