Kitty Scarf Day 12 + Cross Stitch

   Today; I got to row 100 on my scarf and it’s going so slowly. Tomorrow, I want to get to row 130 or more. I completed a new rainbow loom bracelet for my shop. I think that’s all I’ve done today, craft wise. My gems came, so tomorrow, I’ll start working on my Apothecary Spell Bottles. Also, my candlewax came today. I need to get my dyes still, and I need to buy some essential oils or incense to make my candles yummy. Not to mention, containers, Maybe tea cups, or chalices or what ever.

Yesterday; I completed up to row 94 on my scarf, and got that far in my Angel Banishment Cross Stitch. I completed the largest symbol and just have to finish the tiny[ish] symbols around the circle. And, I still need to figure out how to finalize my Embroidery and cross Stitch projects. Picture frames? Mod Podge? I have no idea.

  I also need to make my candle holders and such, I’m waiting for a metal stamping block from Etsy so  I can do my stamping. I have tiny hearts and dog tags. If my thick wire ever arrives from Ebay I can try out an idea. But, alas, I wait. That’s what I’ve got going on right now. 😀


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