Five. Five dollah. Five dollar five foot 8 inches

  For one, my dyes got here and my wick for candle making. For two, I’ve managed to ditch the row counter for this project. I can now successfully differentiate Purls from Knits and know how to start my row. Partial thanks for the Stitch N Bitch Knitters Handbook and partial thanks to simply the repetition of the pattern itself. 

  So, my kitty scarf is now nearly two feet long. Now that I don’t need the row counter, it goes much faster because I don’t have to interrupt my rhythm to hit the spacebar, or unlock my screen and add a row to my phone. Yech. Making progress and it’s awesome. I’ll post pictures tomorrow, probably. I need to make the Bezels for my resin pendants, and find containers for my candles. Most likely, tomorrow’s pictures will include my Scarf, and the bezels along with Super promotion for my shop. Because I love Store Envy. :3

I’m getting quicker with my knitting, so maybe this will be a success. Because, you know, I’m not going to accept this project going any other way. dammit. I’m going to wear this on Christmas come hell or high water. Oh, also.

 Real quick. I ended up changing my Personal blog to Poetry and it’s now titled as Wynn Writes [because, yes, I’m deeply unoriginal and I like my sites to be connected].

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