Kitty Knit Scarf Update omg



This beast is now over two feet long, my ditching the row counter really increased my productivity. Just because I don’t need to break my rhythm to unlock a screen or something. I don’t know what row I’m on, but the whole -over two feet- thing is really making me happy. The ball of yarn is on it’s last legs. Might take another two days to complete this ball. I’m really not sure how to add a new ball of yarn to a knit project, no better time like the present to learn.

Also, new hobby alert. This one, not crafty, but musical in nature. I bought a flute. A used/refurbished Hisonic off of Ebay for 60 bucks. Something tells me I’ll be renting a better flute from Montgomery in a few months. Apparently the one I chose, based on 23 positive reviews and about 20 various lower ones, has a likelihood to just up and stop being functional around 3 months. A few of the 5 star reviews said they’d had it for a year and it was still fantastic. But, whatever the case, I bought this particular one to learn on. It’s a beginner flute, and though I’ve been interested in learning the flute my whole life, I too, am a beginner. And for 60 dollars, it’s not a bad deal. Even if it dies after a couple of months. By then I’ll know if I want to stick with it, and by then I can just run to Montgomery, slap down 30 bucks or so and begin a long relationship with a badass flute that will last me forever. Renting to own is awesome, kiddies. Even if it ends up costing more in the long run :/.

I made one clay bezel today…and…eh. Eh to the greatest degree. I guess I get to start the hunt for glue on bezels or try something else. I got this, though. I’ll think of something, like I always do. :3

I think that’s about all that’s important right now. Not really sure what else I’ve been working on, if anything, I’m kind of out of it. I need to make myself some mittens or something. My Florida Girl Genetics are so bad for the cold weather we’re having [and it’s only Alabama cold, too!]. Tomorrow, depending how I feel about my gas tank, I may go to town and look in the local thrift shops for candle containers and get a jump on my newest interest. :3

One thought on “Kitty Knit Scarf Update omg

  1. I’m not sure if this is the right way, but I’ve always just done a little knot to tie to the two pieces together. It’s a little wonky to work with, but I haven’t add any issues and it works really well, especially when my cat got a hold of the yarn and chewed it.

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