Pinterest Round up Seven :D

Pinterest roundup seven

First up is this adorable Crochet Headband; I would love to make this or maybe just make the flower and add it to other projects. Either way, this is super cute.

Next, This really well done zipper pouch tutorial; Aside from being a well done zipper pouch tutorial, it’s also a fairly easy to follow Zipper tutorial. Though she doesn’t go into what to do if your zipper’s too long and you need to cut it and then lock the end [or whatever]. All in all, the project is really cute.

An absolutely gorgeous Shawl [crochet]; Really. Just look at that thing. It’s so pretty and dainty and I think I want to make one for myself. The pattern itself is on Ravelry, but I believe it downloads in a compact PDF file and won’t take much space.

A really cute crochet slouch hat; I’ve been aching for a slouch hat, this may be the one I make. It throws me off a little, since the slouch is so pronounced, but my hair’s really thick I think I could counter act that.

A GORGEOUS Mobius Wrap [Crochet]; Wow. This is really cute. I was wondering what to do with that yarn I won in that giveaway, I think I found my answer. I love mobius wraps but I never made one, looks like it’s time to change that.


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