2013 Review.

  I’ve seen a few reviews of 2013, and I thought I’d join in.

  1. I started this blog in July, and have successfully kept it going. 😀
  2. I finished a purse, 2 hats, a scarf, leg warmers, an embroidery project, a cross stitch project, I sewed a whole outfit, and 6 tarot bags. That’s 2 Loom knit projects, 3 Crochet challenges completed, 2 sewing projects, and two needle work projects. Which is NINE completed projects in total.
  3. I picked up knitting again in November, since I dropped it in February.
  4. I started the new hobby of Loom Knitting. 
  5. Have gained a formidable stash of yarn.
  6. I dropped a few minor hobbies, since I wasn’t passionate about them.

Update! And also, New Years Side Project. :D

 Alright, first off; my Kitty scarf is now Taller than I am, but still just short of 6 feet. It’s probably 2 inches off, or that’s the measurement I got when I measured it today. And, might I add, I knitted continuously for like 6 hours. With slight periods of brain-deadness and distraction. But, it’s ALMOST done. Then I get to work on the hood. 😀

  And my new year project is THIS. I have no pictures on the project page and I started it yesterday, technically. But I frogged it because I wasn’t happy. But, the way the Peacock Feather yarn reminds me of the ocean, I feel like Seafoam is the perfect pattern for it. It’s big pain in the hands to work it, or maybe it’s the cumulative 10 hours of knitting I’ve done today. 

  Anyway, guys, Happy New Year!


PS; I may add pictures later tonight~

Roundup Twelve; New year, new scarf edition!


  So, I’m a bit caught up with scarves right now. I’m obsessively trying to figure out what kind of pattern I want to do with my lovely Peacock Feather yarn. And Believe me, I’ve been looking at a lot of pretty patterns.Anyway, let’s get this round up started.

Luna Lovegood Inspired Crochet Scarf; This scarf is really pretty and as a Harry Potter fan I couldn’t resist adding it to my roundup this week. Here’s a fun fact; I totally forgot that I crochet as well as Knit. I’ve been looking for exclusively knitting patterns for my peacock yarn, but I think I’ll just crochet this instead. Maybe. 

Cozy, bulky Loom knit infinity scarf; This is done using super bulky yarn, which is nice and cozy and would probably work about x better than what I was trying to do last night. Let me give you a warning; Worsted yarn doesn’t want to cooperate with a straight loom. Or maybe I wasn’t doing it right.

Another nice loom knit scarf [slightly different]; This one, is done the same pattern as the one above, which I didn’t notice until I really looked because I’m easily impressed and I was like “oh, I like this!” before I really even stared at it for half a second. Anyway, this one uses double strands. Imagine the possibilities! I constantly forget that I can double my strands for some odd reason. 

Crochet Infinity Scarf;Yes. I’m stuck on infinity scarves. If you have to ask, I’m in the market for one, as it were. Only, as with everything else, I can’t decide what I want. So, I bombard everyone with toasty patterns for scarves. Thankfully, it’s winter. What am I going obsess over for the summer?

Pinterest Roundup Eleven!


Fox Knit Scarf; The top of the page is full of Danish, but as was pointed out to me [by someone super awesome, by the way], if you scroll down a fair ways you’ll see the English directions. Honestly, this is so adorable, I couldn’t resist.

Gorgeous crochet mesh scarf;  I could see this being a good one-day-project. It looks like it’s a fairly quick going pattern. Also, I can envision it in a gradient sort of yarn. Or Alternating colors every few rows, to add variety. But, it’s lovely in solids. It’s relaxed enough to be casual, but the pattern itself looks versatile enough to be classy. Seriously, I’m in love.

Spell Bottles!; Ohhh, this is wonderful. I love this idea. Honestly, even if you don’t like stuff like this, it’s pretty to look at. For me, this gives me an idea. I’ve been wanting to make spell bottles, but my ideas weren’t very pretty. But these are super inspiring. I never would have thought about Canola oil.

Tide Pool Knit Scarf;  This lovely tide pool scarf has a lovely color combination. Since I’m me, I like to change the coloration and I have no idea what kind of colors I’d use. Maybe some desert colors like beige, and warm sandy colors. Or, blues and purples. I do quite like her combination. 😀

Now in a Minute Knit Shawl; This shawl is absolutely beautiful. I would love to make it one of these days. That Lion’s Brand Amazing yarn would be absolutely perfect for this, but I believe that there’re are TON of things that the Amazing yarn would be good for. I guess it lives up to its name.

 Here you go guys! Another roundup. I tried to keep it pretty versatile, the roundups are hard for me. I’m so picky and indecisive. This one actually makes me pretty happy, to be honest. 😀

My own hat!

2013-12-23 12.45.42

I guess I lied about that cowl, with this lovely wine colored yarn. I made a hat! It looks pretty good, and the best part? It’s reversible! One side, slanting lines. The other is clean and crisp. I kind of like it. It was going to be a beret, but I don’t have anything to block it with. :c

Pinterest Roundup; The Big 1-0!


This Basic Slouch Hat; This slouch hat is done in crochet, and it calls for that gorgeous ‘Amazing’ yarn from Lion Brand. I’ve been oggling that yarn for weeks and now, thanks to this pattern, I have a specific thing in mind for it. It looks more functional than the slouch I made last week, so this is going to be a thing. I’m actually excited.

Fast and Simple Fall Scarf; This scarf is fast to work and gorgeous. I can see it done in multicolored yarns of any variation. Also, as quick gifts and cozy accessories for yourself. If I can find some yarn that speaks to me, I certainly see this scarf in my near future.

Coffee Cozy [Crochet]; If you’re like me, then during the winter, you gravitate towards hot coffee. And if you’re like me, you may hate the feel of the cardboard. And, thus, I add the coffee cozy to the list for this week. This is effective, cute and simple.

Reversible Circles of lace scarf; This pattern is beautiful and I found it first HERE. I can’t wait to make it, I’m pretty sure I’d like to use some thin fingering weight or even that Lion brand ‘Amazing’ yarn may work. It’ll be a while, but look at it. Isn’t it gorgeous? Might not be the coziest, but it’ll do for fall or spring. 😀

This time, regrettably, I only have time to put four up. I hope you guys enjoy these as much as some of the other ones. Really, roundups are getting hard. Because, I guess, I’m so picky and such. I’ll start compiling next week and it may not all be stuff from pinterest, I’ll just start searching for stuff and pinning it myself. That would probably make me a bit happier. xD

I know there’s a couple of things I want to work on this list, but alas; I already have approximately 14 million ideas. I’ll be posting some sort of scarf update this evening. Stay tuned!