Pinterest Roundup Eight!



 Earth Fairy Crochet Cowl; I’ve been in love with this pattern for a while now and I thought I’d share it in this week’s round up. The possibilities of this cowl are endless. 😀

Stripes and Chains Crochet Scarf; Okay. This isn’t a pattern, but a kind commenter worked out the pattern below the scarf [which I LOVE by the way] 

This scarf is really clever but the pattern is really simple actually : 
you just make one long, really long chain as long as you want your scarf to be. after that, you start another chain, and you decide what size will be the “holes” and the stripes “. For example let’s say : holes : 25 chains, stripes : 10 double crochet.

with the other chain you started and after making it 25 chains (actuelly, this part will be a piece of fringe), you count 25 stitches on the previous long chain and from this point, you make 10 double crochet. then you chain 25, counting 25 stitches on the previous raw, and from this new point you make 10 double crochet. the second raw is attached to the previous one with double crochet from time to time.

you go like this to the end of the first chain and chain 25 at the end, so you have something looking as a really long ladder.

now look at the scarf : it is made with lots of chains, linked toguether with regularly spaced double crochet. every start of a new raw makes one piece of fringe.

(sorry for my bad english ! does this makes sense ?)

(actually on the picture, you can count the stitches to have exactly the same effect than this one : looks like its 15 chains, and 5 double crochet in between.)

Various Hat Patterns; In in hat lust right now, so I wasn’t able to find JUST ONE hat to put here. So you get a list of hats that someone pinned. Maybe one day I’ll get the nerve to make one. xD

Gorgeous Crossed Headband Pattern [crochet]; This headband at first glance looks kind of tricky, but she has it worked out in such a way to pretty simple. I can see doing the two outer pieces in a matching color, and then the inner pieces as either the outer color and a complimentary color, or two different colors altogether. 

A simple Top to Dress tutorial; This is so cute. I imagine you could do it with various other tops as opposed to the tanktop. But it’s adorable and it looks fairly friendly to people like me, who lack confidence with a sewing machine. 😀


     There you go, the roundup for this week and *gasp!* it got done on Monday. I know these don’t really follow suit with others I’ve done, but it’s getting hard for me to just go through and pick ones I LIKE. So, I started a pinterest board where I’ll put stuff I especially want to share, instead of having the good pins in my crafting folders hidden from myself. This should make it easier. Since, I use pinterest randomly though out the week, I won’t have to go and pick all five on the same day. 

 If you guys make the stuff I have up there, please give proper credit to the creator of the pattern/tutorial.

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