Gryffindor Combustion and Nights of Knitting

  The Gryffindor scarf I was working on, was a bust. I made it FAR too long and wouldn’t have had the yarn for it at the rate it was going. Perhaps a decent cowl with a couple of matching buttons? I have no idea. But, I still want to do something with it to keep me toasty, but apparently it’s not going to work out as I wanted it to, and hence….

  Knitting! I knitted some at work today, and I’ll try to head to bed tonight [away from distractions such as my reborn addiction to Skyrim] to knit for a while, and maybe listen to some music with some cocoa. It’s slow going, because there’s only so much you can knit before you’re just like “eh, another P2, K2 row. I, for some reason, don’t mind the rows beginning in with K2. If I had gone from the pattern a bit and made the scarf not quite as wide, I could have had it considerably longer than it is now, but no, I wanted to go by the pattern. Pfft. Ah well, it’s going to be glorious and cozy and pretty. Even if the hood and the scarf are slightly different Greys. 

  My looms should be tomorrow or Thursday, which is fantastic, because I have this luxurious brugundy that I’m in love with and I just have to have it as a nice cowl. That will be my first loom project.

 On the Flute front, I figured out why my train noises were slightly lack luster and I corrected it. I don’t have a cleaning rod or I’d be trying for ages each day. I’m so paranoid about filling my headjoint with algae or screwing my cork up. Which wouldn’t be such a problem if I could get the damned piece off that holds the cork. I’m super frustrated about that. But, ah well. Eventually, either I or someone else will get that thing off so I can compare it to the cork on my Gemeinhardt and figure how bad off it is. I think it’s shrunken, but I have nothing to refer to. 

  I think that’s about it….I’ve not made much headway on the scarf since I told you yesterday because I knitted mostly at work these two days, and it’s so COLD at work. My hands are cold and not very nimble here. :c


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