Pinterest Roundup Eleven!


Fox Knit Scarf; The top of the page is full of Danish, but as was pointed out to me [by someone super awesome, by the way], if you scroll down a fair ways you’ll see the English directions. Honestly, this is so adorable, I couldn’t resist.

Gorgeous crochet mesh scarf;  I could see this being a good one-day-project. It looks like it’s a fairly quick going pattern. Also, I can envision it in a gradient sort of yarn. Or Alternating colors every few rows, to add variety. But, it’s lovely in solids. It’s relaxed enough to be casual, but the pattern itself looks versatile enough to be classy. Seriously, I’m in love.

Spell Bottles!; Ohhh, this is wonderful. I love this idea. Honestly, even if you don’t like stuff like this, it’s pretty to look at. For me, this gives me an idea. I’ve been wanting to make spell bottles, but my ideas weren’t very pretty. But these are super inspiring. I never would have thought about Canola oil.

Tide Pool Knit Scarf;  This lovely tide pool scarf has a lovely color combination. Since I’m me, I like to change the coloration and I have no idea what kind of colors I’d use. Maybe some desert colors like beige, and warm sandy colors. Or, blues and purples. I do quite like her combination. 😀

Now in a Minute Knit Shawl; This shawl is absolutely beautiful. I would love to make it one of these days. That Lion’s Brand Amazing yarn would be absolutely perfect for this, but I believe that there’re are TON of things that the Amazing yarn would be good for. I guess it lives up to its name.

 Here you go guys! Another roundup. I tried to keep it pretty versatile, the roundups are hard for me. I’m so picky and indecisive. This one actually makes me pretty happy, to be honest. 😀


10 thoughts on “Pinterest Roundup Eleven!

    • I fell in love with the bottles here, I never would have thought in a million years that Canola oil, of all things would be suitable. So glad I came across that. :3

      • I’m thinking just anointing oils or perhaps some spell bottles like those above. I don’t really know enough to start anything involving heat-also I don’t have actual things to use with it. But mostly because I don’t know enough. xD

        But, I’ll keep that in mind, for some reason the temperature point didn’t even cross my mind.

      • Van Van Oil is used for all spells and dressing candles

        Love Drops Oil for Love Spells

        these oils are not always easy to locate, that’s way a basic oil can be used mixed with the appropriate herbs which you can easily find

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