Roundup Twelve; New year, new scarf edition!


  So, I’m a bit caught up with scarves right now. I’m obsessively trying to figure out what kind of pattern I want to do with my lovely Peacock Feather yarn. And Believe me, I’ve been looking at a lot of pretty patterns.Anyway, let’s get this round up started.

Luna Lovegood Inspired Crochet Scarf; This scarf is really pretty and as a Harry Potter fan I couldn’t resist adding it to my roundup this week. Here’s a fun fact; I totally forgot that I crochet as well as Knit. I’ve been looking for exclusively knitting patterns for my peacock yarn, but I think I’ll just crochet this instead. Maybe. 

Cozy, bulky Loom knit infinity scarf; This is done using super bulky yarn, which is nice and cozy and would probably work about x better than what I was trying to do last night. Let me give you a warning; Worsted yarn doesn’t want to cooperate with a straight loom. Or maybe I wasn’t doing it right.

Another nice loom knit scarf [slightly different]; This one, is done the same pattern as the one above, which I didn’t notice until I really looked because I’m easily impressed and I was like “oh, I like this!” before I really even stared at it for half a second. Anyway, this one uses double strands. Imagine the possibilities! I constantly forget that I can double my strands for some odd reason. 

Crochet Infinity Scarf;Yes. I’m stuck on infinity scarves. If you have to ask, I’m in the market for one, as it were. Only, as with everything else, I can’t decide what I want. So, I bombard everyone with toasty patterns for scarves. Thankfully, it’s winter. What am I going obsess over for the summer?


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