Update! And also, New Years Side Project. :D

 Alright, first off; my Kitty scarf is now Taller than I am, but still just short of 6 feet. It’s probably 2 inches off, or that’s the measurement I got when I measured it today. And, might I add, I knitted continuously for like 6 hours. With slight periods of brain-deadness and distraction. But, it’s ALMOST done. Then I get to work on the hood. 😀

  And my new year project is THIS. I have no pictures on the project page and I started it yesterday, technically. But I frogged it because I wasn’t happy. But, the way the Peacock Feather yarn reminds me of the ocean, I feel like Seafoam is the perfect pattern for it. It’s big pain in the hands to work it, or maybe it’s the cumulative 10 hours of knitting I’ve done today. 

  Anyway, guys, Happy New Year!


PS; I may add pictures later tonight~


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