Trouble up in the hood

 I’ve started the left side of the hood, and I have to say it’s been perfectly annoying. Mainly because of how inattentive I am when I look at patterns. I saw alternating decreases of 2 and 1 and was doing one after another. I got through five rows and noticed the decreases were every other row. I managed to rip back to the proper stitch count [45] and start over. I had to rip back one more time and then it was fairly smooth. I think I’m about 6 rows into the decreases, so long as I remember that the decreases are only ever k2tog and not p2tog I’ll be okay.

   I would post a picture, but I’m at work right now and I don’t have any pictures of the half hood. Actually, it’s more like 2/3 of the way done, since it’s 40 rows of straight up Stockinette, which curls like the devil. Then there’s 19 rows of Stockinette with decreases, so it’s a fair ways done. Then I get to work on the right side and do my favorite thing; stitch it all together. Then start up on the ears.

  When it’s done, I’m going to take some Bulky (6) yarn of some pastel cutesy color and whipstitch the whole way around, to solidify the attachment of the hood to the scarf and to embellish. I really don’t think I need pockets since I’m probably going to have the thing wrapped every which way, rather than hanging loose. Besides, after 2 months and 3 complete thingies of yarn I’m a bit exasperated with just grey. I would say I’m tired of knitting at the moment, but the fact that my secret side project is on my mind makes that untrue.

  I promise there’ll be pictures tonight after I finish this portion of the hood and also, I’ll reveal my pretty peacock thingie :3

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