Pinterest roundup Thirteen!



Slip Slope Scarf; A beautiful crochet scarf pattern. really. I can see this being beautiful in autumnal colors, like shades of tan and orange.~

All kinds of Knit Cast-ons!; So far I’ve only used the Long tail cast on, but apparently there’s a lot more. This should be a useful link to anyone curious about knitting, or someone like me who really hadn’t thought about other methods of casting on. 

Gorgeous Crochet Wave Cowl; The stitch in this is gorgeous, and I think variegated yarn would be perfect for this. But, then again, I think that variegated yarn is perfect for all the things. :3

Tree of life; one of the best tutorials I’ve seen for the Tree of Life pendant. One of these days I’ll have enough wire-confidence and time to try to make one or ten of these.

Doll House Mini Necklace tutorial; Hm….never thought of making jewelry with the little dollhouse things. To think, I used to work in a thrift shop with access to lots of stuff like this. What a wasted opportunity.

Easy Polymer Clay Necklace; This is cute. Really pretty cute, actually. I like this idea- and if I’m not mistaken it’s actually what I was looking for a few months ago. Awesome!


Sorry for the unwarranted hiatus on my roundups, guys. But, I’m back and I’ll be doing roundups again [on Mondays!] and I’ll be starting another project, aside from my drop-stitch experiment. Probably this gorgeous shawl. I’m in love- but have no idea what kind of yarn to use. I’ll also be using size eight needles, which isn’t the called for. I may have to increase the number of stitches, but it’ll be okay. I think.


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