All of this and five projects?!

  Hey, there my lovely followers. I’ve hope I’ve not neglected you too profoundly, I’ve quite a bit on my plate as of late and just now have a brief moment to let you in on what I’ve been doing.

 Firstly, there’s school obligations;

  1. Reading Candide and A Modest Proposal for Literature
  2. Selling my previously needed, and now obsolete, books.
  3. Working on making multiple webpages to get ahead in Web Design.
  4. Trudging through Network terminology and practice that I don’t understand
  5. Working on Psychology Study Guides by repeatedly taking a 50Q quiz. [this alone takes upwards of 5 hours sometimes.]

Then there’s my Craft time that’s spent on

  1. Working on a Cable Scarf made with Lion Brand Homespun Yarn [Windsor]
  2. Making slow progress on ANOTHER cable scarf in the same pattern but with Caron Simply Soft [Bone]. I’m trying to figure out which I like more and am considering doing both and selling one. Or both. I don’t know.
  3. Working on that Seafoam Scarf [Caron Simply Soft Paints Peacock Feather].

I’m about to add a couple more to it;

  1. A Link hat from Legend of Zelda that I quite like.
  2. A Link hat from Legend of Zelda that my beloved favors.

The two above are crocheted, because like Hell I want to play with DPNs right now and I don’t know enough about adjusting loom knit things to be able to make my own pattern. In fact, I know next to nothing about making hats, so….Patterns it is. One day though- I will make my own patterns. 

Oh right-then my personal endeavor to learn the flute. I’ve put music theory on hold so I can learn to make noises with my flute. Still working on the low E. Let me tell you, it’s hard. Requires insane amounts of air, and I can do it on one flute but not my main one. I have a cheap little Hisonic that I play with at work, and just…Maybe the pads aren’t sealing right? My Gemeinhardt is an open hole flute and I can’t get it right. 

 Anyway, I just wanted to update everyone on the crazy crap I’m pulling right now. AND. AND. AND. We’re moving this weekendSo, I get school work, packing, crafting and oxygen deprivation all in one fell swoop. I am ecstatic!! WOO!!

2 thoughts on “All of this and five projects?!

    • Oh yeah, apparently I never learn. Always got a lot going on, I’m not really pleased unless I have like 10 million things going on. xD

      Thank you so much! I think our good luck panned out part way, we got the people we were talking to to reserve the house for us. Last time they went ahead and leased it to someone else. It’s okay though, because THIS place is PERFECT. 😀

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