Hi there, followers!

  I have some explaining to do, don’t I? I’m so sorry that I died on you. I have excuses.

  1. I got bravely default. I’ll let this explain for itself.
  2. Midterms are approaching. 
  3. Psychology homework ALONE is 12 hours a week.
  4. Literature class requires reading :c
  5. My hands are inanely dry and yarn feels icky

   Now, my apology; I am SO sorry for my absence. I’m waiting for summer semester so I can be devoted to crafty stuff. I miss crafty stuff- but I don’t want to fail. :c

  I got the link hat pattern from Stallosaurs Creations. And I have advise you to contact him some other means than facebook. He may have fixed it, but all of the messages I sent requesting the pattern were sent to a folder that he doesn’t monitor vigilantly. I had to contact him over paypal, and once I got him he was really polite and apologetic. For 4.99 it was totally worth it, since it was the only hat that my boyfriend felt that he had to have. 

  The seller is really nice, so if you want a good link hat pattern, it’s worth it. 

I just wanted to update and explain myself- I have been working sparingly on the band for the link hat. But the yarn feels icky to my dry hands. :c

  But, I’m not dead. I swear. I’m alive as I type this. I can’t wait to get back into the rhythm of making stuff again. I miss it. :c


Warm those wrists random roundup!


Basic Fingerless Gloves; I want to learn to make gloves and these seem like a good place to start. 😀

A touch of warmth cuff; I love me some cuffs. Fairly easy to make in bulk, and stylish. Oh yes.

Spokes Cuff; The images on the site are broken, but I put it up in the collage. See that one in the middle of the right hand side? It’s adorable. :3

Easy Crochet Wristers; More gloves to chew on, guys. Check it out. :3

Crochet Fingerless Gloves; I love this style and the soft feminine color. They remind me sort of riding gloves. :3

Beginner Crochet Gloves; These are labeled as “learn to crochet” cuffs. Which is beneficial, since I don’t know how to work gloves without a seam.

Seamless Crochet Gloves; Speaking of “with out a seam”, this pattern is labeled as being seamless. Making it totally perfect for me, since I’ve been aiming to learn how to make gloves for the winter so I can make some to sell. Because-money. : |

More love for these mitts; These Alice Inspired mitts that I’ve featured before, are too cute for me not to mention them in a glove/cuff roundup. It’s partly the colors and partly the style. :3

Diamonds and Dashes Crochet Gloves; This. This pattern. This is so pretty. It kind of looks like it would be cute in mohair. All fuzzy and soft and stuff. So cute.

random roundup for you, my lovely followers. I owe you guys an apology for my absence- or more appropriately the absence of crafty stuff. My loving and devoted boyfriend, bought me a gaming PC for valentines day. It has killed my social life. I worked on my boyfriend’s hat a bit, but my hands are so dry that the yarn feels odd. I’ll try to work on the band and the crown tomorrow. I really want to work on my own hat, too. So, I need to get his done. Of course- I’m thinking matching boyfriend/girlfriend hats. xD

Ravelry Love!


Diamond Knit Cowl; I love this cowl. It’s gorgeous! Maybe I’m in love with the kind of open, yet cozy look. Or maybe it’s the variegated yarn. Or maybe it’s all of it combined?

Loom Knit Feather and Fan Scarf; this is beautiful loom knit scarf! It’s such a shame I don’t have one of the boards yet. One day. One day I shall and I will make the absolute pants off of this. With gradient yarn.

Eyelet Hearts Pattern; I can see this as a scarf, maybe a shawl…With just that heart pattern I can see a versatile quality to this. Headband? Bandana? Who knows. 😀

Prism Slouchy Hat [knit]; Me and some slouchy hats. I am obsessed with picking a hat that I like, but I am so indecisive. I would love a hat. But I hate that I can’t choose. Maybe this one?

Dolce Fingerless Gloves; Fingerless gloves are in the same realm as hats with me- I love so many of them. But I can’t decide on what to make. Maybe these? Who knows- but these are too cute not to share.

There are so many geniuses on Ravelry, guys. Seriously. So many. And they put out so many gorgeous patterns. So many gorgeous patterns that I can’t make yet. I totally covet lots of them. I’ll share some of the genius next week, or next time I decide to bypass the pinterest roundup in favor of this.

Current Projects

Here are the current projects;

Those are the current projects + one more that I want to start. I’m making my boyfriend a regular link hat in green, and making one for me from an etsy pattern in maroon. I my be making one for our friend in green, too. I kind of haven’t had chance to work on the knitted ones i.e. the scarves. But I’m going to do a couple of repeats on each cable scarf. [Mainly because I do them one or two repeats at a time]

I want to get the headband for this hat done so I can work on the crown of it, but ugh so much to do.

Pinterest roundup 15!



Fable knitted gloves; These gloves are super cute, I may have to make some of these. They look like they may be made with straight needles, not DPNs.

Ribbon Braid for embellishment; This ribbon braid would be cute on lots of stuff. Maybe you’d be able to embellish crochet/knitted things.

T-Shirt to Peplum; This is a cute style and something I’ve tried and failed before. I do love me some Peplum, so I’ll try again. It has a youtube video tutorial.

Lacy Crochet Blanket; I love this pattern for a blanket. I would love it in beige or some like combination of tan and green.

Rolo Pretzel Yum; Oh yum- basically just a rolo on top of a pretzel. But this looks fantastic and yummy. I don’t normally like salt and caramel, but that’s basically coffee. I think these will be nummy. :3

+1 loom knit cable scarf; This is nifty, and for a +1 it’s not bad. For some reason I thought the cable could only be done on needles, but now I can see that it can be done on the loom. Hmm…

So sorry for this being late- but better late than never at all? I think. Anyway, this one is a bit different from the past ones.

Projects Back under way!

  It’s been a very busy week for me, as some of you may already know. Last weekend we moved into our new home and we’ve been busy moving stuff from my love’s mother’s to our place and helping our room mate move stuff too. I’ve been juggling a terrible obsession with yarn, homework, housework and work, And keeping my head straight.

  I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be working on something crafty tonight and I’ll post an update, I’ll also show you the other projects that I had to put on hold, that I plan to pick back up. Sorry for the hiatus, guys, it was unfortunate but very needed.


Pinterest Roundup Fourteen!

ROundup 14


  Lots of awesome Rainbow Loom Patterns!; Yes, I got swept away with the fairly easy rainbow loom craze. Really, it seems like it’s calmed down a bit. But, I really haven’t. I just haven’t had time. But some of these patterns- I love them. Bring on the bands!

 These Fingerless Gloves! [crochet]; These are cute. Like really cute. And I love the yarn she chose to use. I have a gift card for Michaels and I think I’m going to find some like this and whip me up some gloves.

This Slouchy Hat [crochet]; this one is really cute and it looks easy. The pattern is free on Craftsy. The color is pretty nice too, I think I may work this in a springy color and have me a cute little hat for the spring. 😀

Cute Crochet Infinity Scarves; These look really easy and fast to whip up for you scarf wearing people. Or people up north, where it’s still really chilly. I may have to make a couple of these in preparation for next year, or you know, another weird Alabama fluke. We got snow this year- what?

This Scarf! [Crochet]; This scarf is a free pattern from Red Heart yarns. And looking at it, I always forget that crochet can make some really pretty things. This scarf being one of them. I want to make it- but the only question is: How experienced does a “Experienced” pattern call for?

There you go, guys! A round up on the right day, but a full week late. Do I have talent at being late, or what? There’s a lot on my plate but I promise I’m not dying. I paid for this domain and I intend to use it- and keep using it. I love having my own domain. So much more professional. Not that what I do is “professional”. :/

Can I get paid for this? No, really, I’m curious if I can get paid for running a craft blog. Hm. I need to look into this.