From a new base!

  We moved into our new house yesterday and moved everything over- the house in total disrepair, we slept. And today, we shopped for house things. Furniture- consisting of very nice beanbag chairs [no judgement], a bookcase, an entertainment stand and kitchen stuff. We’re in the market for a couch, a coffee table, and a dining table among many other things. 

  My point in the boring update post is that I’m shortly going to be picking up my needles again, I put them away in a packing box and now that box is fairly accessible. I still need a plastic drawer set of some sort for my yarns and such, but that’s okay. We’ll get to that later. After one or two days of energetic school work I’ll be able to make a post with the progress on my three scarves and maybe I’ll start hooking my two hats. :3

As soon as this guy freaking sends me the pattern….I bought a pattern from a guy on Stallosaurus Creations or something and it’s been an HONEST TO GODDESS week. I’ve sent him two messages on facebook and I’m this close to disputing the charge and saying I never got the services so give me my five dollars back. It’s really really frustrating. I just ordered a pattern from etsy that I like quite a bit, it looks similar but the band is different. I think I know how to make an obvious band though like make it ribbed and stuff. Perhaps alternating back-loop stitches and regular stitches? Or maybe back-loop and front loop? Idk, I’ll probably test it out to see how it looks.

Anyway, you should be seeing some stuff from me soon. 😀


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