Pinterest Roundup Fourteen!

ROundup 14


  Lots of awesome Rainbow Loom Patterns!; Yes, I got swept away with the fairly easy rainbow loom craze. Really, it seems like it’s calmed down a bit. But, I really haven’t. I just haven’t had time. But some of these patterns- I love them. Bring on the bands!

 These Fingerless Gloves! [crochet]; These are cute. Like really cute. And I love the yarn she chose to use. I have a gift card for Michaels and I think I’m going to find some like this and whip me up some gloves.

This Slouchy Hat [crochet]; this one is really cute and it looks easy. The pattern is free on Craftsy. The color is pretty nice too, I think I may work this in a springy color and have me a cute little hat for the spring. 😀

Cute Crochet Infinity Scarves; These look really easy and fast to whip up for you scarf wearing people. Or people up north, where it’s still really chilly. I may have to make a couple of these in preparation for next year, or you know, another weird Alabama fluke. We got snow this year- what?

This Scarf! [Crochet]; This scarf is a free pattern from Red Heart yarns. And looking at it, I always forget that crochet can make some really pretty things. This scarf being one of them. I want to make it- but the only question is: How experienced does a “Experienced” pattern call for?

There you go, guys! A round up on the right day, but a full week late. Do I have talent at being late, or what? There’s a lot on my plate but I promise I’m not dying. I paid for this domain and I intend to use it- and keep using it. I love having my own domain. So much more professional. Not that what I do is “professional”. :/

Can I get paid for this? No, really, I’m curious if I can get paid for running a craft blog. Hm. I need to look into this.

2 thoughts on “Pinterest Roundup Fourteen!

    • I’m definitely going to set on making them shortly. I wish I had found these closer to the beginning of winter, so I could wear them all winter long. Maybe we’ll have another cool spring so I’ll get some use from them. :3

      I’d be really happy to find a yarn like that. Maybe I’ll get lucky. :3

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