Pinterest roundup 15!



Fable knitted gloves; These gloves are super cute, I may have to make some of these. They look like they may be made with straight needles, not DPNs.

Ribbon Braid for embellishment; This ribbon braid would be cute on lots of stuff. Maybe you’d be able to embellish crochet/knitted things.

T-Shirt to Peplum; This is a cute style and something I’ve tried and failed before. I do love me some Peplum, so I’ll try again. It has a youtube video tutorial.

Lacy Crochet Blanket; I love this pattern for a blanket. I would love it in beige or some like combination of tan and green.

Rolo Pretzel Yum; Oh yum- basically just a rolo on top of a pretzel. But this looks fantastic and yummy. I don’t normally like salt and caramel, but that’s basically coffee. I think these will be nummy. :3

+1 loom knit cable scarf; This is nifty, and for a +1 it’s not bad. For some reason I thought the cable could only be done on needles, but now I can see that it can be done on the loom. Hmm…

So sorry for this being late- but better late than never at all? I think. Anyway, this one is a bit different from the past ones.


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