Ravelry Love!


Diamond Knit Cowl; I love this cowl. It’s gorgeous! Maybe I’m in love with the kind of open, yet cozy look. Or maybe it’s the variegated yarn. Or maybe it’s all of it combined?

Loom Knit Feather and Fan Scarf; this is beautiful loom knit scarf! It’s such a shame I don’t have one of the boards yet. One day. One day I shall and I will make the absolute pants off of this. With gradient yarn.

Eyelet Hearts Pattern; I can see this as a scarf, maybe a shawl…With just that heart pattern I can see a versatile quality to this. Headband? Bandana? Who knows. 😀

Prism Slouchy Hat [knit]; Me and some slouchy hats. I am obsessed with picking a hat that I like, but I am so indecisive. I would love a hat. But I hate that I can’t choose. Maybe this one?

Dolce Fingerless Gloves; Fingerless gloves are in the same realm as hats with me- I love so many of them. But I can’t decide on what to make. Maybe these? Who knows- but these are too cute not to share.

There are so many geniuses on Ravelry, guys. Seriously. So many. And they put out so many gorgeous patterns. So many gorgeous patterns that I can’t make yet. I totally covet lots of them. I’ll share some of the genius next week, or next time I decide to bypass the pinterest roundup in favor of this.

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