Warm those wrists random roundup!


Basic Fingerless Gloves; I want to learn to make gloves and these seem like a good place to start. 😀

A touch of warmth cuff; I love me some cuffs. Fairly easy to make in bulk, and stylish. Oh yes.

Spokes Cuff; The images on the site are broken, but I put it up in the collage. See that one in the middle of the right hand side? It’s adorable. :3

Easy Crochet Wristers; More gloves to chew on, guys. Check it out. :3

Crochet Fingerless Gloves; I love this style and the soft feminine color. They remind me sort of riding gloves. :3

Beginner Crochet Gloves; These are labeled as “learn to crochet” cuffs. Which is beneficial, since I don’t know how to work gloves without a seam.

Seamless Crochet Gloves; Speaking of “with out a seam”, this pattern is labeled as being seamless. Making it totally perfect for me, since I’ve been aiming to learn how to make gloves for the winter so I can make some to sell. Because-money. : |

More love for these mitts; These Alice Inspired mitts that I’ve featured before, are too cute for me not to mention them in a glove/cuff roundup. It’s partly the colors and partly the style. :3

Diamonds and Dashes Crochet Gloves; This. This pattern. This is so pretty. It kind of looks like it would be cute in mohair. All fuzzy and soft and stuff. So cute.

random roundup for you, my lovely followers. I owe you guys an apology for my absence- or more appropriately the absence of crafty stuff. My loving and devoted boyfriend, bought me a gaming PC for valentines day. It has killed my social life. I worked on my boyfriend’s hat a bit, but my hands are so dry that the yarn feels odd. I’ll try to work on the band and the crown tomorrow. I really want to work on my own hat, too. So, I need to get his done. Of course- I’m thinking matching boyfriend/girlfriend hats. xD


2 thoughts on “Warm those wrists random roundup!

    • Oh god, Pokemon takes me away for weeks at a time sometimes. I made the mistake of buying myself Bravely Default and it’s looking like it’s going to do it too. xD

      I’m glad you like the roundup. I’m hoping it can break my silence on the crochet front. Gloves are my favorite thing, pretty much. Just so hard to find the right yarn. xD

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