Hi there, followers!

  I have some explaining to do, don’t I? I’m so sorry that I died on you. I have excuses.

  1. I got bravely default. I’ll let this explain for itself.
  2. Midterms are approaching. 
  3. Psychology homework ALONE is 12 hours a week.
  4. Literature class requires reading :c
  5. My hands are inanely dry and yarn feels icky

   Now, my apology; I am SO sorry for my absence. I’m waiting for summer semester so I can be devoted to crafty stuff. I miss crafty stuff- but I don’t want to fail. :c

  I got the link hat pattern from Stallosaurs Creations. And I have advise you to contact him some other means than facebook. He may have fixed it, but all of the messages I sent requesting the pattern were sent to a folder that he doesn’t monitor vigilantly. I had to contact him over paypal, and once I got him he was really polite and apologetic. For 4.99 it was totally worth it, since it was the only hat that my boyfriend felt that he had to have. 

  The seller is really nice, so if you want a good link hat pattern, it’s worth it. 

I just wanted to update and explain myself- I have been working sparingly on the band for the link hat. But the yarn feels icky to my dry hands. :c

  But, I’m not dead. I swear. I’m alive as I type this. I can’t wait to get back into the rhythm of making stuff again. I miss it. :c


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