Link’s failing

Today I have faced defeat. I got the band on the Link hat to about 12 inches and noticed the edge was uneven. I had a missed a stitch a few rows back I tried to unravel it- but it decided it would rather form a knot at the beginning of the row. No big deal right? I tried to cut the stitch that was knotted so I could continue unraveling and maybe add in the yarn when I got to the right row.

No dice. Frick. So, I’m starting over. This time, the band is 11 chains long. I counted. This is the failed attempt;



Do you see why I’m heart broken? I just had like 4 or 5 more inches to go and I could start the crown. I am so upset right now. I just have to be more careful this time around, I suppose. Who would have thought that Backloop SC would screw me up so bad?

2 thoughts on “Link’s failing

    • Thank you so much! I’m sure I’ll get it eventually. It’s just disheartening when row upon row of SC confuse me xD

      on the bright side, I have managed to get another band almost completed. 😀

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