Link’s disappointment

Above is what I have done of the link hat. The band is actually the updated progress. Why? because when I got it to the point in the photo where it’s standing up, the row of DC at the top made it horribly inflexible. It wouldn’t fit me so I know for a fact it wouldn’t fit my beloved. So I ripped it back.

And I had to start on the band again. I’m thinking maybe 24 instead of 18 inches. I learned how to add on to rows that have already been fastened off. So that was cool. It’s just REALLY disappointing because I thought I was making some real headway.

Ah well. I’m proud the added rows because you can’t tell.  Success? I’ll start working on it more tomorrow. That’s totally enough for tonight.

2 thoughts on “Link’s disappointment

    • I’m hoping. 😀

      I’m really hoping that 24 inches will be enough, I’m so ready to get on with the hat. I want to give it to my boyfriend before our anniversary next month. 😀

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