The hat is coming!

  It’s coming along I’ve started the decreases and such, but I’m getting steadily more paranoid that it won’t fit my Beloved’s giant head [his words not mine, I assure you]. It fits over my ponytail so theoretically it should fit him. But on the other hand; what if it doesn’t? Luckily though, I’m not terribly stressed about it. I can always finish it and if it doesn’t fit him I can keep it or sell it, and make him another. So long as I can find some nice sage colored yarn. :/

  A couple of weeks ago I went to Micheals and got some WONDERFUL yarns. I got 6 skeins a couple of duplicates in consideration of certain projects. Like this lovely barely glittery Gold Dust yarn made by Loops and Threads. I’m going to make the triangle shawl from the packaging. It’s SO pretty. I can’t stand it. 

  I got a couple of gradient yarns, and a couple of solids. I bought a plastic dresser and I really feel like I have to show you my yarn stash. I mean- I knew I had a lot of yarn but snap. My dresser is full, so I have to make some stuff out of the stuff I have before I can let myself buy some more. But I have no idea what I want to make aside from that shawl. Since I fell out of making stuff for a while I’m at a loss because the creative juices are kind of trickling. But I do enjoy getting back in the swing of things. Working one that has almost woken me up. 😀

I may post a picture when I get home from work. I’m unsure how I’m going to make this hat work. In the pattern it says to skip every fourth stitch and then DC around for like 5 and then it says something like “do what you want now just make sure you keep skipping stitches at certain points…” I just did the row where I’m supposed to skip every fifth stitch. I’m considering elongated the hat more. But I’m not sure. This is my first hat and I’m impressed with the way it’s shaping up. Actually, I think I may rip back the decreasing row and do a few more DC rows, where it’s at now it may squeeze his head too much.

ugh- I have no idea. I guess I’ll make him try it on again when I get home. xD


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