Link’s exasperation


I’m nearly done with the hat, perhaps between fifteen and twenty rounds to go. And I have to tell you, I’m incredibly exasperated. It doesn’t look like it’ll fit my boyfriend. And not by a little, perhaps by a lot. Instead of ripping it back and starting over and I’m determined to finish this hat. I don’t know what I plan to do with it, but I know I’m going to finish it. I’m considering what to do for the future attempt, perhaps thicker yarn? Maybe make it with the loom? I have no idea.


But I am so upset about this. I’ve slowed down on the working on it, because…I don’t know. I guess I’m feeling kind of blah as of late. I’ve started drawing again, but I’m not terribly motivated. I’ve gotten a lot of books on drawing and improving photography, and I’ve gotten prepared to attend University in the fall. But, I’m still feeling kind of flat. You may see more than just crafts, you may start seeing some writing or digital drawings or even photographs, so I can feel like I’m contributing to the blog.

Really- of all trades, could mean literally all I do. And I’m pretty sure, it’s up to me to decide.However, if you have an opinion feel free to comment it below. I plan to finish this hat this weekend while I’m at work [all alone for like a cumulative 16 hours. Yikes!]. Gotta tell you folks, I am not looking forward to this weekend.

On a different note, I’m not being invisible because I’m stressed. On the contrary, they gave me medicine that’s helping with my extreme anxiety and depressive phases. So, yay! Perhaps I’ll post again this evening. :3


2 thoughts on “Link’s exasperation

  1. You could always donate the hat to Knots of Love:

    Also, as someone who has struggled with depression in the past, I’m a big fan of following my creativity. If you want to flood your blog with pictures or drawings, do it. Do whatever helps you. Besides, I’d love to see your photography. 😀

    • I may, I guess some part of me is still hoping he can wear it. If I can’t jam it on his head I may just donate it. 😀

      Yeah, all the stuff I do is keep the depression at bay. If I’m busy making pretty things how can I be floored by depression? [theoretically, though it doesn’t always work xD] Thank you for your input, I may just end up merging all of my little endeavors here. ❤

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