Pinterest Roundup!


Woven Ribbon and Jumpring necklace!; this is really cute. I almost didn’t add this, but honestly. It’s adorable. It’s easy and cute and I can picture major retailers trying to make 10 dollars apiece for each one. No bueno.

Twisted Turban Headband; This is the pink headband on the collage, and it’s really cute. Notice a change in the theme? The weather’s getting warmer, so more cute little things for spring/summer.

Anthropologie Headband redux; This. This is just way too tempting. In fact, I’m now in the market for a table for my sewing machine. And this roundup is making it seem like a NEED.

Southbay Shawlette;  This link takes you to the blog of a really pretty one that’s been completed. You have to click on the link in her blog to get to the pattern [sorry]. This pattern doesn’t look too difficult. And it’s really light, perfect for the spring.

Easy DIY bracelet; this is pretty easy looking, but worth posting. Another thing I can see retailers over-pricing.

Easy Dress; I’m fairly sure I’ve posted this before, but it’s worth posting again. Because, really, who doesn’t like easy sewing with cute results. I mean, even I couldn’t mess this up. And it’s perfect for going to the beach, or just hanging out.

Here you go, guys. A new roundup of some really cute things from Pinterest. I love the spring, it enables me to get started on making really cute dresses and accessories. Good-bye chunky scarves, hello openwork and lace. :3

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