Spur of the moment craft

I was looking up things to whip up fairly quickly and I found some headbands, this is the first of what I hope to be many headbands [because good goddess I need to put stuff on my shop!]. This is [obviously] made of pure white, worsted weight yarn and an N hook. It’s really comfortable, unlike a lot of headbands that squeeze your head and make you regret having long hair.

I’m fairly pleased and I’m adding this one the shop, I’ll probably make a shawl with this color yarn to match it- not necessarily to sell WITH the headband but mainly just kind of in the same vein. Just because.

I’m doing these small quick little projects to make myself motivated again- I’ve been feeling pretty blah lately, even with the medicine making me feel all around better.

I’m in the market, as it were, for a new table for my sewing machine. Since I don’t have one and it is currently hanging out in my bedroom floor. I found this one from Ikea that I think would be absolutely PERFECT. Just a matter of ordering it.

I may just make these headbands in a rainbow of colors just for the fun of it. :3


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