Double Down!

I knocked out two headbands today and I’m kind of proud of myself. Apparently, I’m mainly selling handmade stuff. I was gonna try to turn a profit from stuff I don’t use anymore, but I’m all sentimental and junk. Though, I do have some jewelry I don’t wear. EVER. Yeah, I can do to get of it.

Anyway, these headbands were made with the Genius Headband pattern. And, I checked the text on Ravelry to make sure I wouldn’t offend the author by selling these. Luckily, she’s A-Ok with selling things made with her patterns. Which keeps my conscience clear. They’re both up on Ebay, but I plan to make LOTS of these with all of the different yarns I have. If you’re new to crochet these headbands are really easy to make.

Of course, if you make them give the original author credit.


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