Strawberry Posts: The Introduction

Hi, guys!

So, if you haven’t read Wynn’s ‘Update’ post, you can do so here. It gives a quick explanation of who I am and why I’m here. This post will be a bit more in-depth about that.

So basically, My name is Alexa, or Lexi. I’m 23 years old, Studying IT in college and my blog was originally here. Simply put, due to the fact that I became really busy with school, work and other life obligations, I couldn’t continue the blog and eventually dropped it.

My love for Crochet -and crafting- didn’t fade, however. After my classes let out for the summer, I started to crochet again and even started a summer project. Wynn eventually talked me into blogging again, but I didn’t want to restart the blog. It’s too much work and (Fun fact about me), I have the attention span of a hamster. So I asked her if I could have a guest spot on her blog, she said Yes and here I am!

Five Facts about Myself:

1. I have two cats named Navi and GLaDOS

2. I’m a video game nerd and my favorite types of games are MMORPGs

3. Me and Wynn have been best friends for nearly ten years now.

4. I also have a Betta fish named Arcanine.

5. I’m a huge fan of BBC ‘Sherlock’ and pretty much anything to do with Sherlock Holmes.

I don’t really know how often I’ll post, but it’ll be at least once a week. It’ll often be update posts about my summer project that I’ve started and maybe a project or two that I did in between. I’d like to do a weekly thing, like ‘Pattern Roundup’ or something to that effect, but I’ll have to think on it.

I’ll definitely try to have my ‘Project Update’ posts out by Mondays. Any other posts I have, they’ll come as I write them. My posts will also be labeled ‘Strawberry Posts’, Just to separate Wynn’s posts from mine.

I believe that’s it. I look forward to talking to you guys again on Monday!

Happy Crafting!



New on the shop!

Medium Sized Owl Toy- $10

New Additions to the small Owls-$6

As far as crafting stuff goes, today I bought some White Puff balls for when I make bunny rabbits- soon. I got my hands on a hot glue gun and I’m pleasantly surprised. They really do make things easier.

I think I have enough owls now, so I may move to another project and make some different animals. 😀

Not flying Solo anymore :D

Hey there,  guys. I just figured I’d give you the latest update for Wynn of all Trades. I have another author on this blog now, my best friend who’s own crafting blogs fell apart. Which, I can totally get- blogging does take a substantial amount of time. So, we figured that she could simply post on mine and have all the goodness of blogging with out the upkeep.

So, you’ll be seeing another name popping up on your dash, and that’s why. Because I harassed her into blogging again. Her other blog was Strawberry Crafts.

So, just an update mainly to let you know what’s happening on the blog.

My favorite owl yet :D



For some reason, I think this is my favorite owl yet. I like his colors and his shape. He’s not got a face yet- but I’ll add button eyes and a felt beak. :3

For this, I doubled the original patter. Started with 12 in the magic loop, doubled to 24, then 36. I SC’d for a long time and decided at some point to decrease to 24 with the [1SC, SC2tog]. I did a few more rounds of SC then decreased again to with [1SC, SC2Tog]. Then I stuffed him and gave him ears.

That pattern was a good starting point, I don’t even need it anymore. Just kind of decide to make an owl and go.

This owl type will be 10.00 on my Etsy shop, and the ones I showed you yesterday, the Burgundy/Gold and Mint/Gold/Burgundy will be with the 6.00 owls as soon as I set them up with wings and peepers.


Bigger Owl pattern

Since THIS PATTERN Is insanely easy to manage, I’m going to attempt to write a pattern for a bigger owl. Using the same basic idea, but increasing the stitches all around. This pattern was written as I was crocheting it, as much to keep my attention on counting and to give myself a workable pattern [as well as, write my own pattern *gasp*!]

Gauge is unimportant, as well as hook size. Bigger Hook=Bigger Stitches=Bigger Owl

I used an I hook with worsted weight yarn

Step One; Make a Magic Loop and DC 12 times into it
Step Two; DC Twice into EACH DC around [24 DC]
Three; *1 DC, 2DC in the next stitch* repeat around [36 DC]
Four-Eight; DC for whole round [36DC]
Nine-Twelve; [Change color -optional-] DC for whole round
Thirteen; *1 DC, DC2Tog* around [24 DC]
14-16 DC around [24 DC]
Seventeen; *1 DC, DC2Tog* [12 DC]
Eighteen-Nineteen; DC Around [12 DC]
*Stuff the bird*

Pinch the two layers together and Crochet through them both for; 1 DC, 1HDC, 3 Sl st, 1 HDC, 1 DC [ears]

WINGS [make 2]
One; make a slip knot, chain 4
Row One; DC in second and last chain, ch 2
Row two; DC in each [4] ch 2
Row Three; DC across [4 dc] ch 2
Row four; 5 DC [continue until wide enough]

Optional; Take another color of yarn and SC around the main color. Make two rounds with it, embellish as you wish.

For the face, just go wild.

The first picture is the actual appearance of the owl currently. The second one, my room mate put Golf Tees for eyes. I liked the placement, so when I add eyes I’ll remove those. They make him look crazy and kind of creepy.