Probably lots of stuff coming up, since school is over and I have time now. I’ve made like 5 different headbands this week and I’m working on one more right now. I’m going to put LOTS on Etsy, yes, sue me, I’m indecisive. I also have some goodies for my photography coming- such as gradient color filters, ND filters, a new lens….

   And I have a way to write out and about- I bought myself a 13 inch macbook to take places to edit pictures on the fly and write. So, lots of stuff going on. Good stuff. 

  I’m excited. 

  1. Got a new car- a bright yellow 2004 Mazda 3
  2. Macbook
  3. TIME!!!
  4. Deans list in college

  So yeah, doing things again. Have my sewing machine set up, and I’m going to try my hand at making small knickknacks. I’ll be posting something either tonight or tomorrow, so be on the lookout. Also, really quick, I’m on Fiverr. So check me out if you want me to draw you stuff or something.


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