Ideas Ideas Ideas

   I’m having ideas, my lovely followers, as usual I’m terribly concerned about financial matters. But, also as usual, I apparently believe that the best remedy for my financial worries is to get things to make stuff out of. Today, I did a mini shopping spree online.

   I’m going to start thinking about Jewelry again, crocheting with beads and stuff. Wish bracelets, since it’s Summer. It is the time of sappy friendship bracelets and new connections, so what better way to usher it in than with wish bracelets? Also, I purchased some lovely skeleton keys, and that’s one of the things I love. I love keys. A lot. I just like keys.

  So key pendants are going to be a thing on my shop really soon, I’ve put up the headbands on Etsy and I’m in the process of putting them on Storenvy as well. One of these things is bound to work out, I’m sure.

 I finished a new headband today- the chocolate brown one and I still need to finish the bone one and decide about an applique. That’s what I’m up to currently, that and being horribly….under motivated. I have ideas, but I also have sleepiness.

2 thoughts on “Ideas Ideas Ideas

  1. Ugh, man I’ve been there. The AC in my car broke and now all I can think about is churning out more patterns in the hopes that I’ll be able to afford to fix it before the worst of summer hits.

    • Well, I’m certainly hoping that you’re able to scratch together what you need. So far, this summer’s looking pretty hot. :C

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