Next Challenge Chosen!; OWL! [something]

   In honor of my favorite Goddess and Patroness, Athena, I’m making my next challenge to myself an Owl. And owl SOMETHING. I’m tied between three or four different things.

  1. This one from ravelry
  2. Jip the Owl
  3. Owl Bag
  4. This one from Repeat Crafter Me
  5. This one from Is it A Toy
  6. A snuggly Owl Pillow
  7. Teeny tiny owl keychain
  8. Owl Motif for a scarf or headband
  9. These little owls

   I really want to make something OWL related, I was looking for a Lacy Owl pattern. I may make a Filet with an Owl or something. Hell, I may knock out multiple things on this list. I may have to make a new page and cross these off as I’m done with them. The Motif would really be an addition to another project.

  With the owl bag, I wouldn’t make it “Sleepy”. I’d probably make it that weird Half Glare that owls do with half lidded eyes. Seriously may make that key chain- or lots of them. Depending how quickly I pick up this technique. I mean, it’s essentially the same it’s just more dimensional.

  I’ll select my colors and Opening Project tomorrow and begin the challenge, You’ll definitely be updated. OH!

  Also! I ordered LOTS of yarn, so there will be a new haul post with so many pretty yarns. :3

MOUNTAINS OF YARN. MOUNTAINS OF PLANS. I have the PERFECT yarn for these adorable cupcake bears . Aren’t those adorable? I have this lovely fuzzy “eyelash” yarn in this nice crisp white for the bears, and possibly a Kitty. We’ll see.


  1. Going to make owl
  2. Picking colors tomorrow
  3. Will update
  4. Also butt tons of yarn
  5. Yay excitement

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