Rainbow Loom Patterns!

 I’m hunting down some rainbow loom patterns to offer on my shop and fiverr and yatta yatta yatta, and I found some cool patters on the web.

  1.   First up, the bead ladder
  2. The bow tie bracelet.
  3. Triple link chain
  4. Dragon Tail Braclet
  5. Zig Zag bracelet
  6. Piano Braclet
  7. Double Cross Fishtail
  8. Double Cross Braclet
  9. Diamond Ridge Bracelet
  10. Bridge Bracelet

  I’ll probably start working on some of those at some point soon, though I will say my love for rainbow is fading and in turn I’m wanting to break out my Bead loom and experiment with size 6 beads as opposed to the size 11 that are about microscopic. This was just an unplanned little round up, I hope you guys found something you liked! 😀

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