I’ve been on an animal crossing kick and made my favorite character!

I’m pretty much in love with the Deer Villager Bruce, apparently I may be one of the few because I could find NOT A SINGLE perler sprite of him or a pattern. So I made one. And I have successfully made Bruce now I’ll have him forever :3


Also, a quick thanks!

Thank you, my dear followers for not unfollowing. I really expected most of you to since I had been inactive for so long. I’ll be making you guys a surprise perler thingie and resuming my Pinterest Roundups since I have the inspiration again. Stay tuned, guys, I think Wynn is back! :3

Long long time no post! (PERLER BEADS!)

I’m so sorry, guys I fell off the crafting wagon and recently climbed back up. I have started making perler bead sprites!

I decided to pick it up after being jealous of some of the cute (really cute) things I’ve seen people make of them- I’m going to make an effort to start blogging again, I’m sorry I disappeared.

The Vault Boy was the first thing ever that I made with Perlers, I made it for my boyfriend. The heart is for my best friend, because she likes kingdom hearts (she wanted to change the color scheme). I made the corgi also for my boyfriend, it took me like 4 hours. Then the latest things, the bunny is for my Supervisor at work who has fallen ill. And the kitty is mine, my subtle way of coming out of the broom closet.

I’ll try to post you guys a few things as I get them done, I actually have the itch to start making things again. So keep and eye out!