Well, that’s done.

As an added incentive I purchased my domain name….The only thing I can conceive of being different is that you guys can send emails to “wynn@wynnofalltrades.com” and well, obviously now I have a nice big “.com” going on up there. I like how it looks, but I’m not entirely sure it was worth it. I mean, but really as far as incentive goes.

Also, I bought my Cartridge calligraphy set since the markers weren’t authentic enough for me. Check me out, new stuff going on and all. Just a quick update on the now. I’ll post some pictures of the crochet project tomorrow when I get off work. For right now though, I’m going to go to sleep and read Oedipus.

I will however say that these shorter leg warmers are going to build up really fast and I’m loving it. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe I’ll get the first one up to the shells, or perhaps even finished tomorrow. Depending on how busy work gets.

I’ll also say that I wish that WordPress would allow us access to at least like, one premium theme when we upgrade to a paid domain. :c

Oh well.


But, I want…

I’ve been hopping around giving myself some of my older hobbies back, along with trying a couple of new ones… If I do this, I’ll be just one terribly zealous girl who does

  1. Knit [sparingly and not often, but I do]
  2. Crochet
  3. Sews
  4. Writes
  5. Sketches
  6. Embroiders
  7. Cross Stitches
  8. Designs and makes jewelry
  9. Does Calligraphy
  10. Works with polymer clay
  11. Photography

My god. Can you say overload? You can, go ahead. Not to mention COLLEGE. Jesus. Do I really need more? The bolded ones are the ones I’m thinking of letting myself pick back up. But baby steps right? I have a sketchbook, because I compulsively buy them when they’re on sale or in front of me within arms reach. I’m considering making it an art journal of some sort. Not really a “Smash Book” [although truth be told, I want to do that too], but a conglomeration of little writing quotes I think of and sketches big and small covering the pages. Might even get some Mod Podge to play with. I do want to do something with all of my scrapbook paper [I did mention I have a scrapbook in moderate neglect, right?]…

I’m spread a bit thin, but all in all, I’m happy. I’m happy pursuing so many hobbies that I have little time for much else. It’s a bit overwhelming sometimes, with all of the project ideas and such that I have. But, I like it. It’s a nice “too much” feeling, you know?

I didn’t bring my crochet project with me, in a valiant attempt to complete Oedipus today so I can get the quiz out of the way tomorrow [so I can crochet]. I predict that you’re going to be seeing SO MANY things on this blog. Especially after I buy it tomorrow [possibly, no promises since friggin Verizon went ahead and took their money after I went through the problem of preparing to pay with my credit card. But hey Verizon, no big. you just tried to take money I don’t have right now. >:C]. The Verizon rant aside, I want it. And I’m probably going to get it. Because I’m me. And I’m stubborn.

My attempt at following the pattern to a T might not work out for me, but I hope it does since the DC has a fair amount of stretch to it. Me and my chicken legs should [SHOULD] be able to fit. I’ll read up on Oedipus tonight when I’m getting ready for bed, I wanna make progress on this project since I got set back to square one.

TL;DR: New hobbies, refer to list. Project back to square one, I’m making progress. I have plans. For more details read.


PS; might make one change to the pattern and do this edging instead of the boring small shells she has in the pattern, the only way I’d be happy with those shells is if I stayed in the brown color, but then they wouldn’t be noticeable. ;c

Large Shells

First make your base row then work as follows:

Make 1ch

1sc into first st

* Miss 3, 7tr into next stitch, miss 3, 1sc into next st **

repeat from * to **

Buying this domain is becoming really tempting

I’ve been bouncing around buying my domain for a while now, and it’s becoming very tempting. It would be great incentive to continue on, even when I don’t feel like it. And, it comes with an email at my domain and everything. Not to mention I can make subdomains. When I buy this domain it’ll be a test. I’m looking for a place to hose my photography blog and I found Zenfolio, they seem cool and rather simplistic [which I like] and the hosting is only 60 bucks a year. Not bad. But, I’m frugal and worried and I don’t like to host my stuff all over the place. 

So I’m just giving you a heads up that you’ll be seeing a nice “wynnofalltrades.com” up there soon enough.

However, I do have a question:

Do you think I should change my blog name before I latch onto a domain? Is typing it in awkward for anyone? I’m just trying to make sure it’s as accessible as possible.

Biweekly Progress; Change of plans

I chickened out of that dress pattern, it was to advanced for what I feel like I’m ready for. I chose a skirt pattern from my stash that I quite like and that I think will go famously for the fall. Or the summer. Whatever we have here in Alabama this Winter.


Today I managed to get the front pinned out and cut, and I cut the waistband out. I was working on the bed, since the PIggers were running around the floor and I didn’t want to take up valuable piggy exploration space.

I forgot how painful pinning fabric is–not to the fingers or anything like that, but to the back. Yeowch. My back hurts something fierce. But, I’ll get this project knocked out and hopefully I’ll make the shirt too, that’s on the pattern. But in the interest of school work and work-work, I’ll put the top as a solid maybe for a side project. Or, I’ll do the shirt for the next challenge.

I died a little, but I didn’t stop. I promise.

Thinking of making separate updates

I was just editing the original post and I don’t know if it actually pops up as update, or if you have to scroll down to see what I’ve done. I know it’s terribly inconsequential so early in the Blog, but I still wonder. I’m considering post updates Every other day and simply posting my progress in the Gallery on my “Works in Progress” page.

Quick update, though, I’m on row 18 at the moment, and I intend at least 4 more before I go to bed. Since I work tomorrow I can’t exactly wait up until 2 am and then be like “lol nope”. So, I’ll take it to bed with me [if i have to]. And for sure,, I’ll take it to work tomorrow. :3

Feels good to be motivated [even though I really want to play with my clay and my sewing machine xD]

Day 4 progress


Since I didn’t post one on post completion, I’m adding this progress shot from last night. I’m adding the bow to the finished product, it’s a bow that I made that I didn’t do any seam finishing and I’m afraid it’s simply not suitable to sell. Ah well, I get to play with it. :3