Next hot item? I think so.

So, yesterday, against my terrible laziness and complete disdain for driving, I went to Walmart. I returned my unwanted Wax clay and purchased myself some Polymer clay. And can I just say, Oh my? I can see some definite possibilities. Of course, I’m at that stage where I’m too scared to touch it because I don’t know what to do first, so I’m looking up Tutorials. I found quite a few here . The canes intimidate me, I’m not gonna lie. But, I feel like I need them in my life. There will be beads. Only thing I can’t grasp is how to shape the clay if you’re doing a charm…

I, regretfully, find myself to have no talent for sculpting. I have a sneaking suspicion that this may be at least a bit different from, say, pottery clay. Perhaps it’s more forgiving. But I have no idea. I have ideas, though. Just no idea how to execute them.

For now, my polymer clay kit sits mocking me with it’s bright colors and promises of textile crafts and homemade beads and charms.

I’m considering, when I’m not crocheting, to try a project every week. But I don’t want to put myself in a box, really. I’ll keep this a biweekly challenge, and if I manage to get two things completed, then cool. :3