Kitty Scarf Day 12 + Cross Stitch

   Today; I got to row 100 on my scarf and it’s going so slowly. Tomorrow, I want to get to row 130 or more. I completed a new rainbow loom bracelet for my shop. I think that’s all I’ve done today, craft wise. My gems came, so tomorrow, I’ll start working on my Apothecary Spell Bottles. Also, my candlewax came today. I need to get my dyes still, and I need to buy some essential oils or incense to make my candles yummy. Not to mention, containers, Maybe tea cups, or chalices or what ever.

Yesterday; I completed up to row 94 on my scarf, and got that far in my Angel Banishment Cross Stitch. I completed the largest symbol and just have to finish the tiny[ish] symbols around the circle. And, I still need to figure out how to finalize my Embroidery and cross Stitch projects. Picture frames? Mod Podge? I have no idea.

  I also need to make my candle holders and such, I’m waiting for a metal stamping block from Etsy so  I can do my stamping. I have tiny hearts and dog tags. If my thick wire ever arrives from Ebay I can try out an idea. But, alas, I wait. That’s what I’ve got going on right now. 😀


Kitty Scarf day 10! Also, a look at the future.

First off, I got to row 90 as I promised. It’s probably just over a foot long. When I measured it at 70 rows, it was 11 inches. So, my guess is over a foot. It’s coming along well and my speed comes and goes. I’ll go for a row or two like a boss, and then randomly I’ll forget how to hold my yarn and the going’s slow.

Also, I started the cross stitch on my Enochian Angel Banishment Sigil, which I’m fairly excited about. The going on this is hella slow, but it’s to be expected, since it’s cross stitch. I mean, cross stitch is really slow anyway. But I can’t wait for it to be done. I sketched out my Goddess Embroidery project and, I think I’ll keep that instead of selling it. Because, it’s not even done, but I feel connected to it like I need it for my Altar. Perhaps the Goddess wanted me to make it. Whatever the case, that’s going to be mine, but I’ll update you guys. 😀

And further, I’m going to make candles. I ordered the wax, dye and wick from the internet tonight and I’ll go hunting incense and essential oils for the scent. Along with various cups and bowls and whatnot from Ye Olde Goodwill. I figure, because of my path it would make sense that I make candles, for myself and others. Perhaps spell candles? With gems to enhance the effects of the color correspondence and oils… I have so many ideas, really, I’m just bristling with them I’m sure you can tell. 😀

You’ll be getting updates and junk along the way. :3