Kitty Scarf Day 12 + Cross Stitch

   Today; I got to row 100 on my scarf and it’s going so slowly. Tomorrow, I want to get to row 130 or more. I completed a new rainbow loom bracelet for my shop. I think that’s all I’ve done today, craft wise. My gems came, so tomorrow, I’ll start working on my Apothecary Spell Bottles. Also, my candlewax came today. I need to get my dyes still, and I need to buy some essential oils or incense to make my candles yummy. Not to mention, containers, Maybe tea cups, or chalices or what ever.

Yesterday; I completed up to row 94 on my scarf, and got that far in my Angel Banishment Cross Stitch. I completed the largest symbol and just have to finish the tiny[ish] symbols around the circle. And, I still need to figure out how to finalize my Embroidery and cross Stitch projects. Picture frames? Mod Podge? I have no idea.

  I also need to make my candle holders and such, I’m waiting for a metal stamping block from Etsy so  I can do my stamping. I have tiny hearts and dog tags. If my thick wire ever arrives from Ebay I can try out an idea. But, alas, I wait. That’s what I’ve got going on right now. 😀


Video update; Also Embroidery Completed :D

2013-11-07 10.32.03


Woohoo! Finally completed my “In Castiel we trust” embroidery. Those ‘stains’ aren’t stains, it’s the water that hasn’t dried yet from where I was wiping off the Water Soluble ink. Also, like I mentioned in the video, those rainbow loom bracelets are available on my Etsy shop. Considering picking up some embroidery project or another, but I’ll figure it out. I do too much xD

Craftiness Today!


Today, I successfully picked up the Rainbow Loom thing. It…was touch and go, since it took me about 20 minutes to realize “Oh! I can relocate the pin rows.” I thought for a moment that I had received a defective one. But, no. It was just me. 

  Also, I received my DPNs and my Teeny Tiny Circular Needles [12 inch]. I’m a bit… ashamed that I didn’t envision the 12 inch thing and thus was a bit disappointed by the needles themselves. Oh well, I ordered some 24 inch circulars that should be alright.

  In the gallery, there’s a few pictures [obviously]. One of them is a resin pendant, with my very first Wire piece enclosed. It’s either the Horned God or the Taurus, depending on which is less offensive to you. But for me, it’s the Horned God. I made circle! A circle! I’m so proud! Also, My resin leaf pendant has been curing for like 4 days and it’s still not effing dry. Curse this Alabama humidity and also Fall, the whole reason I can’t just stick it outside in the heat. :c

 The other things I’ve made are rainbow loom bracelets. So far, I’ve learned the fishtail and the uber basic one that came with my kit. I was a bit snobbish about it before, “Oh,” I said. “I won’t be wearing these,” I said. I lied. I’m wearing them and I like the little pop of color and the immediate gratification that isn’t afforded to me with the friendship bracelets. Already having thoughts about putting sets of 3 up for grabs on the shop with different color schemes, and dare I say, charms? 

  That’s what I’ve been up to today. I did get some rows done on my Knit headband and I’m seriously balking with the GIANT scarf. But, I’ll complete this purple block and then the last blue and figure out to do with it, I’m sure.