I was taking pictures today and I thought I’d give you guys something. ANYTHING. I’ve been really, really inactive and I’m sorry. Here’s proof that I’m still doing things- just less things. I still love you. ❤


More personal greeting!

Well, guys, I’m at work and I was thinking about what I said earlier about putting everything I do on here. My writing, drawing, photography….Maybe even coding experiments [since I figured out what I’m going to school for]. Who knows?

Anyway, I figured I’d draw a picture for you guys as a personal Hi and thank you for following my sporadic posting schedule and giving me your support though comments, likes or simply just following my blog. It really makes me very, very happy to see when I get a new follower or  I get a comment. I really, sincerely appreciate all of you. Honestly, thank you so much!


I’m a bit out of practice with my drawing, since I’ve not drawn in over a year, but there you go. It’s for you. 😀


Photoshop is a bit weird to use again, layers and blending and all that jazz. I’ve been learning the basics of drawing again with this amazing little book called “You can draw in 30 days” and it’s really fantastic. If you want to learn how to draw, I recommend it highly. There is SO MUCH you can do with cubes. Honestly. I’m kind of amazed.

Anyway, I’ll tie this up here. ❤